The Hmong Cookbook

Hmong recipe.

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Chicken Curry

Our kids really like this dish even though it has a slight kick to it. Even our yougest will finish half a plate before it becomes too spicy. Here it's served with rice and fried mustard.

Hmong Eggrolls

Very popular at family get-togethers and parties. We make a minimum of 50 of these because the don't last very long at the dinner table.

Laap (Beef)

A triditional dish commonly made at Parties and family reunions. This dish can be made raw, partially cook, or fully cooked. Beef is the most common meat used, but the other two I like are chicken and fish.

Pad Thai

My personal favorite. I like it with chicken and/or shrimp. It is recognized often as a Thai dish, but our family loves it and we make it often.

Simple to make and the taste doesn't overwhelm. Most of the recipes are light and only consist of a few ingredients.